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ACO Awards

Each year, animal rescue organizations throughout Michigan nominate animal control officers for the Michigan Animal Control Officer of the Year Award.

This award recognizes and honors an officer who goes above and beyond the call the duty.  These officers are exceptional in their abilities, talents, and service to the community.  They go to great lengths to work with reputable rescues to reduce the shelter's euthanasia rate, to be sure homeless pets are put on Petfinder to reach out to potential adopters, to improve shelter policies to promote adoption and rescue,
to recruit volunteers to help within the shelter environment, to investigate and  assemble evidence to prosecute animal cruelty and hoarding complaints/cases, to save pets off the street that are desperately in need, and countless other unrecognized or unknown thankless services they carry out  and face each and every day they go to work.

Being an animal control officer is a tough job, especially for someone who really cares about animals.  
Rescue organizations know and work closely with those that are public and rescue friendly...and when an officer does an amazing job to help pets get to a better future, they need to be recognized by those who know they are making a difference.

Any animal rescue organization in Michigan can nominate an animal control officer by sending in the nomination with a brief letter (via email - please fill out the contact form for email address) outlining the officer's service and good work.

Nominations for 2011 are being submitted now. 

2010 Animal Control Officer of the Year

August, 2010 -- Click here for PDF Article.

2009 Animal Control Officer of the Year

May 27, 2009 -- Tuscola County Animal Shelter is known throughout Michigan as a county shelter that is very committed to adopt and place the animals in its care and ranks as one of the best shelters in Michigan. The staff serves county residents in a variety of important capacities and does a very effective job with a limited budget and a modest staff.

Canine Companions Rescue Center (SE, Mich), Richland Animal Rescue & Equine Shelter (SW, Mich) and Second Chances (mid-Mich) delivered two packed truck loads of much needed donated supplies and visited the shelter to thank the staff for their dedicated work.

"This small rural shelter is very public friendly and rescue friendly. The staff does a phenomenal job of getting their  animals adopted, pulled by reputable rescues or transferred to humane societies," said Debbie Jaworski, director of Second Chances. "The officers are dedicated and very caring toward the animal residents throughout their stay. They have a very limited budget, especially in these economic times, and could use help with donated items."

"Tuscola County Animal Shelter has promoted the adoption of many wonderful dogs through our rescue for many years and we want them to know how much they are appreciated," said Carl Fleck, director of Canine Companions Rescue Center. "Our volunteers and adopters truly appreciate the shelter and staff. We wanted to help them in their mission to continue the good work of caring for lost and homeless pets."

Animal control officer, Danielle Galbenski, also received the Animal Control Officer of the Year award in appreciation and recognition of excellent service to the animals and citizens of Tuscola county.

"Danielle Galbenski's dedication to the welfare of the animals in her care and the safety of the citizens she serves is second to none," the Julie Baker, director of RARES. "Tuscola County Animal Shelter is well known statewide for working with rescues to get pets adopted into loving homes. The staff is absolutely key to this shelter saving so many animals in its care."

Adoptable pets at the Tuscola shelter can be viewed at tcac.petfinder.com.
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