Michigan Animal Shelter Rescue Network

"Connecting People and Pets - for the Benefit of Both"

The Michigan Animal Shelter Rescue Network is a loose coalition network of cooperating citizens, organizations, rescues,  shelters, etc, who work together and/or separately to effectively connect people to animals in need.

The mission of the Michigan Animal Shelter Rescue Network is to provide an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date on-line list of Michigan organizations who rescue and/or shelter homeless pets in need of new homes - your local humane societies, rescue organizations and public shelters - with the simple goal of "connecting people and pets, for the benefit of both."

Free services are offered to not-for-profit rescue organizations and shelter facilities that need on-line applications, forms, complete website creation/design, or other on-line needs for effective and easy communications with prospective adopters.

The animal rescue network also recognize animal control officers, staff or volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty to save the lives of homeless pets in county shelters.

MyHumaneSociety.com does not serve breeders or for-profit resellers of pets.  All organizations listed must promote  responsible pet ownership, including the spay/neuter of the animals in their care and communities.  Adoption fees must be reasonable and affordable for adopters.

Important Notice: While there is a screening process, the listing of an organization on this site does not endorse legitimacy or the professionalism of the organization.  Citizens are encouraged to ask detailed questions and investigate for themselves the level of care provided by each organization they consider donating to, adopting from, and otherwise doing business with - especially when considering the surrender an animal!

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