Michigan Animal Shelter Rescue Network

"Connecting People and Pets - for the Benefit of Both"

The Michigan Animal Shelter Rescue Network is a loose coalition network of cooperating citizens, organizations, rescues,  shelters, etc, who work together and/or separately to effectively connect people to animals in need.

The mission of the Michigan Animal Shelter Rescue Network is to provide an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date on-line list of Michigan organizations who rescue and/or shelter homeless pets in need of new homes - your local humane societies, rescue organizations and public shelters - with the simple goal of "connecting people and pets, for the benefit of both."

MyHumaneSociety.com does not serve breeders or for-profit resellers of pets.  All organizations listed must promote  responsible pet ownership, including the spay/neuter of the animals in their care and communities.  Adoption fees must be reasonable and affordable for adopters.

Important Notice: Citizens are encouraged to ask detailed questions and investigate for themselves the level of care provided by each organization they consider donating to, adopting from, and otherwise doing business with - especially when considering the surrender an animal!

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