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Recommended Reading

How Shelter Pets are Brokered 
for Experimentation
by Allie Phillips

This book is a must read for Michigan citizens.  It exposes the dirty little secret of pound seizure and is an inspiration for anyone trying to help improve the "system" of public owned shelters.

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                             by Michigan native Allie Phillips.

by Nathan Winograd

This book is a must read for anyone trying to improve public-owned shelters.  The myth of pet overpopulation and the no kill revolution in America is discussed at length -- this book will give you the history and 'how to' blueprint to make a life-saving difference for pets in your community.

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The Bond
Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them
by Wayne Pacelle

View the video of the author here.

This book is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference and save the lives of animals.  It takes a good look at the big-picture of the major debates about how humans treat animals and how to effectively protect them in today's society.

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The Humane Society of the United States offers numerous publications to help you improve your work for animals and to help you educate your community.


The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance is an excellent resource for citizens interested in improving their local shelters - with the goal to achieve No Kill through training, technical assistance, education and advocacy - to end the killing of healthy and treatable homeless cats and dogs in Michigan.  

Guidance on starting a local effort here.

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